Stay Safe and Dry Under a Metal Canopy

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Here at S & S Steel Buildings, Inc, we partner with homeowners and business owners to install durable and beautiful metal canopies. Our metal building team has over 44 years of experience fabricating canopies of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need a small canopy to shield your home's patio or a large canopy to cover your students at the bus stop, we've got you covered - literally.

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5 benefits of metal canopies

Thinking of installing a metal canopy at your home or business? We'll be glad to tell you why it's a great decision.

Metal canopies...

  • Are beautiful and affordable
  • Can help you cool down on a hot day
  • Can withstand all kinds of inclement weather
  • Can be used to increase seating at your restaurant
  • Can be customized to accommodate your style preferences

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